Versabot Frequently Asked Questions

What is Versabot?

Versabot is an easy-to-use no-code omnichannel chatbot and automation builder platform designed to enable customer experience, outreach and advanced automations, all in one place.

Is there a free tier?

There is a free tier for Versabot. Just sign up and you can create one bot with access to all the capabilities, free of charge.

What are the paid plans?

There are three paid plans, Personal, Pro, and Business, visible on our homepage. Each of these gives access to more bots and more message and phone call credits per month

How can I get started?

Just sign up for an account and you can start building your bot right away.

My bot suddenly stopped working without me doing anything! What's happening?

There are a few reasons why your bot could stop working. It could be that you've reached your monthly message limit, or that you need to top up the account for one of your APIs, such as OpenAI. Please make sure that you have your OpenAI account (and any other major APIs, eg ElevenLabs or Twilio) funded and that the correct API keys are in the bots. If you've checked this and the bots are still not working, then contact us via the link below.

I want [insert feature]. Where is it?

We are constantly adding new features to Versabot. If you have a feature request, the best way to add it would be to go to our Discord and add it to the feature requests channel.

I don't want to deal with API keys. How can I set up bots without API keys

Adding a way for customers to set up bots without API keys is a feature we are working on, however, it will come with additional fees (using your own key will be cheaper)

I set everything up for Twilio! Why is the bot only playing static when I call it?

If you've set up Twilio but are unable to actually hear the bot after it's called, try setting up billing. The same issue can present itself on Elevenlabs. Currently, both Elevenlabs and Twilio only support streaming and phone calls with accounts that have set up billing. Be careful not to over setup. If you added more to the Twilio setup than just the url(s) for the phone to point to, that can create problems. If it still doesn't work after setting up billing and following the instructions in the tutorial, you can contact us below and have us take a look.

Contact Us

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